Validate a SSWAP Resource Description Graph (RDG) or any OWL 2 graph.

To engage this service programmatically via the RESTful API, see

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The validation performed is summarized as follows:
  • Checks that the graph is under a maximum number of bytes and that it can be read within a small amount of time.
  • Checks that the contents can be parsed as a well-formed W3C RDF/XML OWL.
  • Dereferences URLs within the graph, and URLs within them, ... through multiple degrees of deferencing to form a "closure" graph.
  • Checks that the RDF/XML closure is structurally a valid SSWAP graph as specified in the SSWAP Protocol. For non-SSWAP graphs performs generic RDF/OWL validation.
  • Uses the Pellet reasoner to perform logical operations on the closure graph:
    • Checks the OWL species (OWL DL or OWL Full) and adjusts reasoning
    • Checks for logical consistency
    • Performs classification (computes subclass subsumption tree)
    • Performs realization (assignment of individuals to classes)
    • Checks for satisfiability