Publish a SSWAP RDG (Resource Description Graph) to the Discovery Server.

The terms used in the graph will be dereferenced to yield further statements, the entire graph will be reasoned over, and upon success it will be persisted within the Discovery Server's knowledge base. This enables semantic searching over semantic web resources.

We suggest you Validate a graph before publishing it.

To engage this service programmatically via the RESTful API, see

Enter the URL of the SSWAP RDG that you wish to publish and press the Publish button. To update a resource, simply republish it; to remove a resource, publish its URL such that dereferencing the URL fails to return its valid SSWAP RDG.

SSWAP RDG URL              
Publisher's e-mail (optional)                

(Note: Publishing is on-demand, but may take up to four hours before the service is discoverable)