For any RDF/RDFS/OWL ontology term or set of terms (called a "signature"), return all axioms logically implied to be necessary and sufficient for complete reasoning over the signature.

The module extraction service accepts the following inputs:

  • a list of term URIs optionally supplemented with rdfs:isDefinedBy annotations to specify the location of defining ontologies
  • an OWL graph whose signature is the union of all terms in the graph
Ontology terms must be in RDF/XML (for conversion services, see /convert).

The service returns a set of axioms (called a module) such that:

  • the module is a union of "atoms" such that reasoning over the resultant graph yeilds the same logical results as reasoning over the union of each term's entire ontology
  • the reasoning guarantee relies on each fragment being OWL DL and network conditions allowing the retrieval of all terms
  • compare to the results of reasoning over any particular term and its dependencies at /reason

To engage this service programmatically via the RESTful API, see

See: Del Vescovo C, Gessler D, Klinov P, Parsia B, Sattler U, Schneider T, Winget A (2011). Decomposition and Modular Structure of BioPortal Ontologies. In Proceedings of the 10th International Semantic Web Conference ISWC 2011 (Part I) pp. 130-145 (PDF)

Enter each term in the new line in the following format:

term_URI[?rdfs:isDefinedBy=URL to the defining ontology]

If the ontology is not specified, SSWAP will use its internal indexing to determine where the term is defined.

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